Repattern Your Professional and Business Goals for 2011

They say the heart chakra, the keeper of our life’s purpose, also stores the blue print for all of our intentions.  When purpose, goals and intentions are coherent, congruent and aligned heart energy expands with energy to nourish the lower chakras where all the work happens.

When we know where we are going we invoke the Law of Least Effort and our journey is a little easier.  Put heart chakra awareness energy into your professional and business goals for 2011 with support from the group proxy repatterning session on December 30th with President Karen Kent as proxy and myself as facilitator.

To be included make at least one submission for the repatterning session at:

Review the goal you may have already set for yourself this year along with all of your submissions at your Professional Development Journal page: (FYI download anything you want to keep as these will be deleted in early January in prepartation for the new year)

You are also invited to volunteer a session for your peers for the month of December

Please don’t hesitate to make a long list of intentions for this repatterning.  We look forward to doing this session

Carolyn Winter
Past President


Author: President, RPA

It is a privilege to once again serve the RPA as president. I have been an active Certified Member of the association since 1997. In my own healing practice I support others to achieve their potential with holographic coaching in one to one sessions or in online groups. I also am the online coordinator for Ardis Ozborn where I enjoy making online classes happen. My vision is that as an entrained group with shared values we expand our RPA presence in the healing community through our collaboration and co-creation of unique opportunities for each practitioner to market their work without selling.

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