Practitioner Interview: Dana Zenobi


Dana Zenobi

Welcome to Dana Zenobi

Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Georgetown, TX

Interviewed by Nancy Martin, Certified Practitioner, Providence, RI

Congratulations on completing all the requirements for certification!

Please tell us about yourself–what you do for a living and what is your background and education?

I have a somewhat unique background for a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner in that my training and education is in music performance.  I’ve been working as an opera singer and concert soloist for 8 years, and I’m on the voice faculty at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.  The music career path has provided a number of what we would call “opportunities for growth,” and with the help of the Resonance Repatterning process, moving through them has kindled a strong desire within me to help other artists move forward with as few barriers to success as possible.  Acting on that inspiration, last year two colleagues and I founded a nonprofit organization called BELTÀ (the Italian word for “beauty”) – Building Empowered Lives Through Art.  My Resonance Repatterning clients include many artists and musicians, writers, and creative people of all types.  I also enjoy helping couples resolve conflict and develop strong, loving relationships.

How did you learn about Resonance Repattterning?

I first heard about Resonance Repatterning in 2001 when my acupuncturist in Austin referred me to Rosita Alvarez.  With Rosita’s inspired and compassionate guidance, I received many Resonance Repatterning sessions, and quickly experienced big positive changes in my career and health.  I was so impressed with the Resonance Repatterning process that I was inspired to follow her example and study to become a practitioner.  From the first class, I felt at home in the community of healers practicing and learning Resonance Repatterning.  I was very impressed with the quality of all the Resonance Repatterning teachers, and I am very grateful to have found caring and spirited mentors in Meryl Chodosh-Weiss in NY and Sylvi Salinas in Austin.  They led me through my certification process and helped me expand my skills as a practitioner and gain a new depth of understanding and appreciation for the Resonance Repatterning method.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

Resonance Repatterning means a great deal to me both as a client and as practitioner.  It is a brilliantly designed and amazingly effective method for growth and change.  I find that it offers a unique way to access the inner wisdom we all carry–to name what often feels hard to pinpoint and bring it into focus using language–and then it provides the tools to take action, change, grow and move forward.  I love the fact that even though powerful and transformative energetic change happens during Resonance Repatterning sessions, the client takes an active role in the healing process and is always acknowledged as the ultimate authority.

What are some examples of sessions that stand out in your life?

I have experienced many powerful moments of self-discovery and healing as a client, but one of the first sessions I did as a practitioner stands out in particular because I had an experience that really solidified my trust in the muscle checking tool and showed very clearly that the client’s system is directing the session:  I was working with a client over the phone, and muscle checked that a positive action to look at an image of the planet earth was needed.  I asked my client if there was any way for her to access an image of the earth, and she answered, “Oh, yes.  I have a book with a picture of the earth on the cover right in front of me!”  Since then, I’ve had many similar experiences, and although they don’t surprise me anymore, they always renew my respect for the accuracy and precision of the Resonance Repatterning process.

What would you like to see the Repatterning Practitioners Association do for its newest members?

I’d love to see RPA help us widen our client bases, connect with one another to create community, and offer affordable opportunities to further develop and hone our skills.

Do you have a motto?  What five words describe you?

I don’t have a motto per se, but I try to live a life aligned with my core values: love, integrity, respect, beauty, creativity, and passion.  As a Resonance Repatterning practitioner, it’s my honor and privilege to hold a strong healing space and guide others as they endeavor to align their deepest inspirations, intentions, and values with their experiences in day-to-day life.

More information about Dana Zenobi and her services may be found at her websites:

The author of Practitioner Interviews, Nancy B. Martin is a Certified Practitioner from Providence, RI and who serves on the RPAJournal committee.


Author: nancybmartin

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3 thoughts on “Practitioner Interview: Dana Zenobi”

  1. Dear Dana,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Right from the start it was a pleasure working with you and watching your talents unfold and develop.

    To both you and Nancy.. I so enjoyed reading this interview!

    Sending you both much love,

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