Certification Corner Spring 2012

Repatterning Journal May, 2012

Certification Corner

Certification Corner is a regular column of the Repatterning Journal, written by the members of the Certification Board, Clare Doyle, Mary Cameris and Paula Caplan. Each issue focuses on information about the RPA Repatterning Certification process and Certification issues.

Wood energy represents Spring.  This is the season to plant seeds for a future harvest, to look ahead and make new plans, formulate new ideas, make decisions, determine the direction you want to take for the coming year, and to take action.  Perhaps this is the year that you are ready to move forward on your certification journey.

The Winter Seasonal conference call was well attended and we hope that even more students and student practitioners will bring their questions and concerns to our Spring Seasonal Conference call on Monday, June 4, 2012. The call will begin at 7pm Eastern time and end at 8pm. It will include a Group Repatterning. You can register by clicking here:


Following are questions that were asked during the last student conference:

Q: What is the distinction between the Resonance Repatterning Institute (RRI) and the Resonance Repatterning Association (RPA)?

A: The RRI is run by Chloe and is the organization responsible for developing and teaching the Resonance Repatterning System. Chloe holds the logo for the institute and determines all policies and procedures concerning courses and teachers.

The RPA is a trade organization that supports its members, who are trained in and work with the Resonance Repatterning System. We provide an array of services to facilitate and promote work as Resonance Repatterning Practitioners, and ensure high standards of quality and professionalism within the membership.  We provide services, such as certification, resources, such as clients-rights forms, networking, conferences and continuing education courses.

Q: Is there a list of upcoming courses on the RPA website and, if so, where?

A: Look on the RPA welcome page where upcoming teleseminars are announced with links for further information.  All RRI courses are listed on the RRI website.

Q: What courses, in addition to RRI courses, can count towards CEU’s for student practitioners?

A:  For student practitioners and IDeclare students, skill development classes as well as RRI classes count towards certification. For more information go to ******


Q: Which logo is open for student practitioners to use, and where can it be found in a form that can be reproduced?

A: Although in the past students were not eligible to use the logo, a recent change in the policy was agreed on by Chloe. The logo is copyrighted by the RRI, and the RPA has a set of policies outlining who is eligible to use the RRI Logo. She wants student practitioners to be able to use the trademark and logo in their promotional materials.  In order to do so, one must have paid their RPA membership dues, taken the six fundamental courses, and declared their intention to become certified through the IDeclare section of the website and who have signed the new Student Practitioner licensing agreement, which is in the process of being developed.  Please check the website in the next month or so for this agreement.  Once the requirements described are met, you may use these materials.

The next Certification Board meeting is June 4, 2012, so you have just enough time to send in your Certification package if you are ready to apply to the Board.

Please know that the members of the Certification Board are volunteers who are committed to ensuring that each Student Practitioner’s Certification journey will be as harmonious as possible. If there is any way we can assist you, please contact us either by calling 1.800.685.2811, option #3, by writing to us at Certification@RPAMembers.org or by attending the Student / Student Practitioner/Certification Board Teleconferences which are held four times a year.


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