Practitioner Interview: Grace Graham, by Nancy Martin


Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Port Moody, BC, Canada

 Congratulations on completing all the requirements for certification!

Please tell us about yourself-what you do for a living, your background and education.

I have been psychic since birth and have always been connected to my guides and angels. As a result of this, I have been doing Spiritual Healing for most of my life. I did train in a healing technique called Body Stress Release in my early 20’s and had a very busy practice while living in South Africa. I immigrated to Canada in my early 30’s and this is when I started to do Spiritual Healing and Psychic Readings for a living. I have written 13 books utilizing the sound frequencies that I use in Spiritual Healing. I am still in the process of developing a teaching program for this work.

How did you learn about Resonance Repatterning?

One of my clients told me that her husband was going to see a lady who did something similar to what I do. This piqued my curiosity, so I asked for this lady’s name and phone number. A year later my guides informed me that it was time for me to contact this lady. I did. A few months later, I enrolled in my first Resonance Repatterning workshop.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

Personally Resonance Repatterning was the next step in my own spiritual journey.

What are some examples of sessions that stand out in your life?

I have to say the most profound sessions for me personally have been the Suppressed Emotion Image Repatterning (from the Energetics of Relationship Seminar). There are no words adequate enough to express the gratitude I feel to Chloe for developing this particular repatterning. I have been challenged with a past life issue that I just could not clear until this repatterning was used, and it literally changed my life.

Do you have a motto?

My motto is:  “Anything is possible.”

Thank you for sharing about your fascinating life of healing and experience with Resonance Repatterning. We are wishing much success and gratitude from your clients as well as your own for knowing the benefits of the services you are providing.

Grace may be reached at:



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