The #1 Technology Tool to Support Your Healing Practice – Curating Your Perfect Virtual Self.

It starts with an about-face in terms of a method or philosophy of selling and marketing.  In the old paradigm circa 2005 and earlier, for example, think about how you were promoting your own work or Resonance Repatterning in your sphere–brochures? a single web page? perhaps a poster and flyers for an Introductory event?   If that is still working for you great, read no more. However, chances are that they are not as effective as they once were, or only work in tandem with other strategies. Large companies are ditching them, including things like the yellow pages or mailers, in favor of not only an online presence but the new rules of marketing–they now want to be your friend. They want a relationship. They also know that you will only do that if they offer content that keeps you connected, informed, entertained or engaged. Like a print newspaper, you likely throw them away when you are through. We are now officially into the era of social and content marketing, and for many people in the service industries such as ours, this is actually good news as it is an approach that is far more aligned with our values and purpose of doing Resonance Repatterning. We don’t have to dangle any carrots, make promises, use fear tactics or guilt to persuade people to buy what we have.  In the new paradigm we just need to be ourselves, because our own truth is what people will buy.   The internet has become the great equalizer in this trend, making the new marketing strategies and opportunities available to large companies with bottomless budgets as well as, the self-employed with no budget at all.  The quantum leap winners are often those with no budget–just their creativity coupled with an honest, high integrity presentation of who they are in online venues called social media.   What you may not realize is that your very footprint on the worldwide web, whether it is an email shared with a friend, your Facebook wall,  or your comments on a favorite book listed on, is quickly becoming your new business card and marketing.

The question is “How are you showing up?” Someone hears about you at a party, eavesdrops at the next café table, or is given your Twitter or Facebook page—it’s now almost universal. They Google for more information on you. Oops! How are you showing up on the Iphones of your clients?  What content have you created and who is going to be attracted to it?   In this new world of compound information  your virtual self IS your content and what you have published.

Repatterning Tip – I am aligned with my most perfect virtual self!  (do a session on that topic!)

Curate Your Perfect Virtual Self. The essential point here is that, without spending a great deal of money and using the technology tools available, you can create effective marketing without selling by just showing up as your perfect virtual self.  Here are some ideas to get you started that are well documented in professional marketing circles:

Create a consistent calling card everywhere you go.  I tend to use my first and last name together, no spaces for the consistent username carolynwinter, so that people get to know me when I drop by a blog and leave a comment.  Use the same bio and profile for the various accounts you set up.   They actually get read!  Along the same lines, use  your photo not your logo for your account profiles at various sites.  Huge Tip – a most important profile page to fill out is your profile at Google Plus.  Here is mine for example:  – Google, afterall, is THE biggest search engine and will search its own profile pages first if someone is looking for you.  Create that profile page to lead folks back to your own online platform or website. Notice how my G+ page accomplishes that.  Have I pushed you to buy anything on that page? Squeezed you into signing up for something with the fear or guilt factor?   If you needed help with something, how do you feel about contacting me from the information on that page?

Reflect Your Perfect Virtual Self on your  “About Page” on any website you may have.  Who are you?  We really want to know.  Writing this page creates trust in creating a relationship with new people finding you online and who may need your services.

Be  present-moment oriented and respond in ‘real time.’  The information age is forcing us to be in real time.  No one will wait for you to get back to them in a few days.  The conversation will go to someone else if you are not there.  Let news events inspire blog posts or FB wall comments that relate to a repatterning suggestion or healing modality.   For example how did you respond to the movie theater massacre with your clients?

Take the time to show up in your chosen venues on line and be conscious that your words and images are reaching well beyond any audience you can imagine.  Showing up in some kind of routine way builds the trust factor.  Others start to look for your presence and opinions.  However, like a message in a bottle tossed at sea, you have no idea who will find and read it–or when.

Operate with integrity and honesty. You have only to remember the recent cover-ups of bad online behavior of our politicians or other public profiles. Nothing is sacred. Don’t lie –you will get caught. If you make a mistake, admit it right away and take corrective action.

Map your web platform and lose control of your information.  You have no idea who will actually find  you online or how they will respond.  But you can show up consistently with messages for your target audience(s). Think of it as the Morning Announcements when you were in high school. Integrate the power of a website that publishes to your Twitter or Facebook account and others.  If I make a blog post that also gets published on Twitter and or Facebook, the statistics in the admin area of the blog will show exactly where  new readers came from.  Be aware of the breadcrumbs you are creating with your content.

Keep up with the latest tools and trends for showcasing your perfect virtual self.

Here are the links of professional marketing geniuses who have influenced me. I subscribe to their newsletter or read their blogs.  Sure, some of it is way over my head, but I usually get one good idea or reminder, a week of brilliant things to incorporate in my online presence.

David Meerman Scott (who coined the phrase in his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR)
Chris Brogran – who walks the talk on the importance of an online presence.
Mitch Joel – who has an uncanny grip on what is going on now with respect to marketing-and sees the future around the corner.
Seth Godin – a marketeer revered by all the rest.

With light and love,

Carolyn Winter

Carolyn Winter is the Past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association, and a full time certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning since 1997.  She offers sessions in person, by phone and in unique online sessions for groups.  She shares her knowledge of the web together with Resonace Repatterning support in her “Res0nate Online” Coaching service with custom learning plans.

Contact Carolyn

Phone: 416-410-23419
Blog:  Carolyn Winter



Author: Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.

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