How My Business Grew by Being a Member of the Board

Before Joie Jacobsen became a member of the Association Board, she had just lost her job and had no idea how to grow a Resonance Repatterning® business. Being a Board member gave her confidence and helped both her and her business grow. Here is her story.

Sally: How did you get on the Board?

Joie: My very good friend, Gladys Murphy, and my teacher, Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, suggested that I might enjoy being on the Board. I thought about it. I’d just been laid off from my corporate job as an executive assistant and I decided that being on a board might be a nice addition to my resume–not high minded, but that’s where I was starting. I was also pretty curious about what the Repatterning Practitioners Association did. Let me tell you, I’ve learned more than I ever dreamed I would, AND joining the Board changed my life!

Sally: How has being on the Board changed your life?

Joie: First of all, I haven’t gone back to the corporate world.

As soon as I joined the Board, things started to fall into place so that I could begin to build my own private practice and support myself with the work I LOVE.
Every month I attend a Board meeting, which brings me into contact with people who are so supportive of my work and me. That’s been a major key. As I take on different jobs for the Board I come in contact with great people and great ideas. For example, when I first became a Board member, I needed to contact Liz Tobin, a practitioner whom I greatly admire, regarding her support of the annual conference. I asked Liz if she had any advice for me as I was just starting my practice. She suggested doing a series of daily repatternings (by proxy) around prosperity and charge a dollar a day. It was a great idea, and I’ve now done the series four times. The 100 Days of Prosperity and Abundance project not only got my practice started, but it’s helped me increase my client list and visibility each time I’ve done it. If I hadn’t joined the Board and been assigned the task of helping coordinate break-out sessions, I would never have called Liz and would probably be back working as an EA once more. Being on the Board has pushed the envelope of what I thought I could do. I learned so much about being a practitioner in the process. I’ve encounter this sort of support, sharing and encouragement with my every RPA interaction. Repatterning Practitioners are so generous and kind. They come from a place where they know there is plenty. The more I get involved, the more gifts I receive.

Sally: What sort of skills have you developed?

Joie: The first couple of times that I needed to call people, I was uncomfortable and wanted to do ANYTHING else. Now making calls is easy, and I look forward to talking to my fellow practitioners. Another skill I rediscovered is writing. I do a lot of writing for my proxy groups, but I’ve also written an article for the Repatterning Journal. I used to love writing when I was in my teens and twenties and then I just stopped. Re-discovering my voice as a writer fills me with confidence and joy.

Sally: What specifically has the Board been doing this past year?

Joie: The Association’s number-one job is to support the members. Karen Kent, our president, has been a true leader and an advocate for positive change in how the Association works on all levels. For example, in this past year, we passed new bylaws that allowed us to shift from a 12 to a 15-member advisory board to a more efficient 5-person executive board. The Certification Committee has made various changes to make being certified an easier process. The Journal Committee has recently made the Repatterning Journal open to everyone on the internet, so members who contribute to the Journal can get world-wide exposure. The Board is working on projects to give Resonance Repatterning greater exposure worldwide.

Sally: What sorts of jobs are available?

Joie: Fresh ideas provided by new people are always needed. Presently the spots open for next term on the executive board are President, Treasurer, and one generalist. Committees for members’ participation  include the Journal, the Membership, or Continuing Education committees. A great committee to get your feet wet on is helping to plan the Annual Conference.

Sally: How do I let people know that I want to get involved?

Joie: Contact President Karen Kent at 609-443-0020, or Josephine Rovari at 1-800-685-2811, press #2, then #1.

Joie: Before I joined the Board, I was aware of wanting to stay small and safe. It’s an issue I push up against from time to time. Since I joined the Board, I have learned that the more I share, the safer I feel. We use the process of Resonance Repatterning in every meeting for every committee I’m on and at the regular Board meetings as well. There is nothing like holding the space for your fellow committee or board members to increase your confidence as a practitioner and your connectedness as a seeker of wholeness and well-being.

Sally: Tell me a story of how you found yourself to be more powerful than you thought through your participation in the Association.

Joie: In June, I went to a retreat with Chloe Wordsworth, sponsored by Michelle Bongiorno. Because I’ve developed a greater ease in talking to people, I decided that I wanted to talk to Chloe about getting all the books formatted as ebooks. I told her that I’ve scanned nearly all my books onto my iPad and found it helpful. At one point someone asked Chloe to facilitate one of the repatternings Chloe had created for her “Living In Tune” radio series. Chloe apologized that she didn’t have any of them with her. HA! I raised my hand and said that had a number of them on my iPad and Chloe was welcome to use one of them. I brought my iPad up to Chloe. I was so thrilled that  I could show Chloe how cool it was to have EVERY repatterning available on one tiny pad.
Then something totally different happened. Chloe asked for a minute or two to review the repatterning and suddenly said that she couldn’t do it as she hadn’t looked at it since she’d written it 5 years ago. She asked each of the teachers in the room if they’d like to facilitate the session but all declined saying they didn’t know it either. Chloe turned to me and asked if I’d like to facilitate the session for the group. My old “be small be safe” issue reared its head and I said, “oh, no. I can’t.” But then all my closest practitioner friends including Carol Cannon, Gladys Murphy, Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, Michelle Bongiorno, Merrill Carinci and Mim Woodruff all looked at me and said “Do it! You CAN do it!” So I did!
What an honor! Getting to facilitate that repatterning in front of Chloe and the teachers and all the participants in that workshop was an honor bigger that I could have imagined. It was only because of my active participation in the Association, being on the Board and working on all the committees I’ve worked on that I have grown to the point where I got to have that honor. I got to stand up and be BIG and feel not only safe in doing this, but loved, honored and respected by my peers, colleagues, leader and teachers.

Sally: Thank you, Joie. I am so happy that you got to have that honor. You have shown us that serving our Association really does make a difference in our lives.


Author: Sally Herr

Sally Herr is the owner of New Era Therapies in Portland, Maine. She is a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Registered CranioSacral Therapist®, Polarity Practitioner and Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner. Sally serves on the Board of Directors of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.

4 thoughts on “How My Business Grew by Being a Member of the Board”

  1. Joie! I LOVE your idea of scanning the books! I have also asked Chloe to make them electronic but what a brilliant
    self-starter you are! This will save me how many POUNDS of luggage when I travel during the winter?? THANK YOU!

  2. thank you Joie for such an inspiriting interview and sharing how your leadership on the Board has been so rewarding for you! Resonance Repatterning really does help us connect in our Board and committee work since we meet virtually. Thank you for your passion and work with the Membership committee. You have always spoken about how best to support members! Thank you!

  3. “Have Tools Will Travel” is part motto part goal. The scanning was a big job, but totally worth it. That said, can’t wait to get the ebooks from Chloe. Until that happens remember that purchasing a “Living In Tune Repatterning” is ready to up load immediately. Sweet!

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