Welcome to Carol Cannon, Astoria, NY

Congratulations on completing all the requirements to become a Certified Resonance Repatterning®Practitioner!

Please tell us about yourself–what you do for a living and what is your background and education?

I was raised by two artists–my father, a fine draftsman who worked as an Art Director in NYC, and my literary mother, also a successful potter, exhibiting, selling and teaching in the Northeast.  Growing up I was always making things and drawing and painting, and my spiritual search was well underway. So after high school, rather than go do the expected Liberal Arts degree, I took the proverbial “year off” to figure out what I really wanted to do.  After literally searching in University libraries, reading everything I could find on religion, philosophy, utopian societies, plus selling quilts in Vermont and working in Boulder, CO at Celestial Seasonings Tea and the Hilton, I realized I was going to have to do something in order to improve my own lot in life (since I hadn’t figured out exactly how to do “God’s Will”), so I decided to go to art school to translate the images and inspiration I experienced in my meditations and from reading The Urantia Book.

I was told by my father “there was no place else to go to art school” other than NYC, so I came to the city, assuming I’d escape back to a more natural environment as soon as school was over.  Well, I burned through art school because I then felt so behind and worked a hundred different art-related jobs during and afterwards, always struggling to find time to do my own work as well as resolve my own pressing emotional confusion arising out of my family of origin.

Long story short, after three degrees, countless trainings and certifications, several significant relationships, and therapy, I still struggle to find time for my own art (and ways to sell it) and have always wanted to share what I find that has helped me in life, and Resonance Repattering is certainly one of those things.  Ideally, my life will eventually be a good balance between doing my art, teaching, and healing work.

How did you learn about Resonance Repattterning?

I discovered Resonance Repattering due to my being familiar with a center in NYC called Healing Works, started by a healer named Julie Winter.  I saw a brochure there that described Holographic Repatterning (and I had thoroughly enjoyed Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe), so I attended Kenya De Rosa’s demonstrations that clearly presented some of the basic principles and intrigued me enough to start studying it.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

At this point, Resonance Repatterning means to me a very direct and cutting-edge method of shifting a person’s energy from their distress or frustration to a higher frequency that is in alignment with their life’s purpose and desires, bringing them a sense of well-being.  With every passing year, I find it personally more valuable and never cease to be amazed at what Chloe has designed for us and its indescribable potential.

What are some examples of sessions that stand out in your life?

For myself, my very latest session with Gladys Murphy in Hoboken, NJ was astounding.  Being true to her very trustworthy muscle checking, Gladys identified a Vision Repatterning was needed for me to shift my negative feelings around lack of freelance work, confusion about my direction, and feeling downright jinxed.  From start to finish we marveled at the statements that came out of the repatterning, helping me get in touch with totally core material and release deeply held feelings of self-rejection.  Positive statements emerged like: “I forgive myself for being who I am and having created the life I’ve had,” and “I turn within myself and I do those actions that are aligned with Divine purpose,” and “I see and accept the inner perfection of my life.”

As far as an outstanding session I have done for a client, one that comes to mind was with a fellow referred to me by another RR practitioner.  He was having problems with his new wife and career challenges and in the course of the session got in touch with negative patterns with his father.  I didn’t hear back from him for over a year or more, but once he was prompted to dispel my suspicion that he hadn’t gained any benefits from the session by my Resonance Repatterning colleague, he called enthusiastically sharing that everything turned around very quickly for him from that point. His career had taken a sudden leap where he was directing a major cable series with many even greater opportunities springing from that, and the conflicts with his wife had totally resolved themselves to having been a distant phase in the past–all out of one session.

What would you like to see the RPA do for its newest members?

I think what would help me and new members most would be some sort of suggestions on how to market one’s self either locally or on the internet.  If every practitioner was willing to submit one effective thing they did to attract and secure clients, we would have a nice packet of suggestions for newcomers to put into practice.  In addition–and this is very ambitious but do-able–would be to join in with the people working towards getting Resonance Repatterning accepted by insurance, as other energy healers are working towards within organizations such as the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. I find that when I receive calls from potential clients who have found me through the internet, they hope I take insurance, meaning I’d have to be a licensed social worker, but without that financial coverage, they seek out those Resonance Repatterning practitioners who are licensed.

Do you have a motto? 

On my business card titled “Becoming Celebration,” I follow it with: “Changing Frequencies, Changing Lives–- Energy Healing, Teaching, and Psychology,” because in addition to Resonance Repatterning I am a Creative Arts Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified EFT practitioner, and Interfaith Minister who loves to explain how energy healing works.

What five words describe you? 

That is difficult, but in the context of being a practitioner, I think I am accepting, loving, patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic.

If there is something special about you that you’d like to share, needless to say, we’re eager to hear. 

Well, I may have been too wordy already, but if you would like more to add, I will include that I am a “big picture” kind of person in terms of where I see our planet today and how we are each experiencing this major transition.  Whether it is from the point of view of  The Urantia Book, the Mayan Calendar, The Knowledge Book, astrologically, or any other multi-dimensional point of view, I see us as being asked to seek and align with our souls and spirit, come into community in whatever form makes most sense, and let that depth of connection radiate, modeling love, faith, and joy.

Thank you for sharing your vision for our planet and our people, purposefully engaged in growth individually and in community for illuminating our deep connections for peace.

Carol Cannon





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Thought Leader on Aging

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Carol Cannon, Astoria, NY”

  1. Welcome, Carol! In response to your comment “I think what would help me and new members most would be some sort of suggestions on how to market one’s self either locally or on the internet,” here’s the first thought that came to my mind: Place an ad in the PRACTITIONER LISTING of the Resonance Repatterning Institute (www.resonancerepatterning.net > Sessions tab). I’m really happy with the response rate I’ve had – and I’ve heard the same from other practitioners, too. An easy way to increase your potential for reaching people who are looking for an RR practitioner. Best wishes to you as you build your RR practice!

  2. Welcome Carol! yes, I love your suggestion for practitioners to share how they succeed in their businesses. Sounds like a wonderful article or blog entry! Let’s begin that thread!

  3. I am 100% ON for sharing our business successes. As I mentioned to Sally in my interview – Liz Tobin’s suggestion to me to do a proxy series helped me launch my private practice and grow my client list.

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