Certification Corner

Repatterning Journal Winter, 2013

Certification Corner

Certification Corner is a regular column of the Repatterning Journal, written by the members of the Certification Board, Clare Doyle, Mary Cameris and Paula Caplan. Each issue focuses on information about the RPA Repatterning Certification process and Certification issues.

Since we are presently in the Water Element, it’s time to get quiet, check deep inside and rejuvenate ourselves, so, as we move into the wood element, in the spring, we will be ready for new beginnings.
In this respect, your Certification Board has decided to take yet another step to make it more convenient for you to become certified, by making sure that there are more Designated Observers available. We are currently working on eligibility and process requirements for becoming a Designated Observer, and hope to have the process completed and approved by this coming spring. New Designated Observers must have been certified for at least five years, must have an active practice and be in good standing with the RPA. There will be an application process with an eight-hour course as well as hands on feedback/observations. More details in the next Certification Corner article.

Just a reminder that there are new streamlined eligibility requirements for students who may want to become certified. If you are unaware of these requirements, please go to http://www.rpamembers.org/Membership/certification.htm

Our Next student conference call will be March 18th. The conference call will begin at 7pm Eastern Standard Time and end at 8pm. If we have time, there will be a Group Repatterning. You can register by clicking here:


Please join us in congratulating seven students who have completed the requirements and are now RR Certified Practitioners. They are: Beth Hyer, Olympia WA; Carol Cannon, Astoria, NY; Grace Graham, Port Moody, BC; Diana Eder, Bucks, UK; Myriam Dech, Porter, TX; Kim Meijer, Brooklyn, NY; and Daniela Franco Reyes, Thalwil, Switzerland.


Author: rpacertifyingboard

Writing articles on behalf of the committee

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