Certification Corner

Certification Corner

Repatterning Journal, Spring 2013

Certification Corner is a regular column of the Repatterning Journal. It is written by the members of the Certification Board, Clare Doyle, Mary Cameris and Paula Caplan. Each issue of the column focuses on various aspects of the RPA Repatterning Certification process and Certification issues.

Transform the Way we Learn

Tall Green TreeHere we are again into the spring season. How wonderful it is to watch the grass turn green, new buds forming and opening on trees and flowers with an exuberant burst of color. Air is warmer and full of wonderful fragrances and the beautiful music of birds.

Those familiar with the Chinese Five Elements, know that Wood is the element of spring. It is symbolic of life and the process of renewing life. It is the creative urge to achieve, which can also turn to anger when frustrated. Wood is associated with the capacity to look forward, to plan and make decisions, and thus it is also symbolic of growth and expansion.

How appropriate then that our theme for the spring journal article is “Transform the Way we Learn.” Spring is transformation, but, before we can transform, we must let go of old beliefs and ways of seeing, hearing and learning that get in the way of transformation.

The fall 2012 column of our Certification Corner streamlined some of the requirements for becoming a Certified Practitioner. In other words, we let go of what was no longer needed. We then moved into the Water Element of winter by contemplating what we should do to make it even easier for students to become certified by training more people to become designated observers (D.O’s). Now that we are into the Wood Element, we are ready to give life to our ideas. We have finished the requirements for those who want to become D.O.’s, and we are in the final stages of completing the manual for training new D.O’s.

The world around us is changing rapidly, and so is the way we learn, due to new tools constantly presented by the electronic world. Could you have ever envisioned that you would be able to take a Resonance Repatterning class over your computer, and see the conference room, the rest of the students and the teacher? How about being observed by a teacher over Skype as you give a session to someone, or giving another person a session over Skype? Something that 25 years ago would have seemed like magic, now it is quickly becoming the norm, and if we don’t embrace it, we will soon be left behind. How wonderful it is that we have the amazing technique of Resonance Repatterning to help us move into the new world we live in, and embrace the new ways of learning that it offers.

To find the new streamlined eligibility requirements for students who want to become Certified Practitioners, please go to: http://www.rpamembers.org/Membership/certification.htm

Our Next student conference call will be in June. Once the date is set, we will send out the information. The conference call will begin at 7pm Eastern Standard Time and end at 8pm. If we have time, there will be a Group Repatterning. Once the date is set, you can register by clicking here:



The RPA Certifying Board



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