Let’s Welcome the New RPA President!

March 28th, 2013 
Let’s Welcome the New RPA President!
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It gives me great pleasure to announce the new RPA President, Laura Frisbie. She has been on the RPA Board  as the Board Repatterning, has served on the RPA Journal committee, the Bylaws committee, and the Repatterning World Summit committee.

She brings volunteer experience within the RPA and has a fulltime practice as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner. Let’s give Laura support as she steps into this new role of leadership for our Association.

Her tenure will begin Monday, April 1st, 2013.

Many well wishes to you Laura. We look forward to your leadership and visioning for the RPA.

Best wishes and support,

Karen Kent,
Outgoing RPA President

About Laura Frisbie –  Laura’s background in Corporate Needs Assessment and Training led her to become a practitioner in 1999. She discovered her specialty, abandonment issues, after years of specializing in depression and anxiety. She discovered that safe, supportive relationships are the number one antidote and that human relationships are the greatest need of all. As is so often the case, Laura also discovered that her life history and personal journey is a tapestry of healing her own abandonment issues.

Contact Information

Location: Ashville, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Email: laurafrisbie@charter.net

Phone: 1-828-337-5845

Website: http://www.abandonment-issues.com

Website:  http://www.beat-depression-naturally.com

Congratulations Laura Frisbie!

Please leave your comments of welcome below. 


Author: President, RPA

It is a privilege to once again serve the RPA as president. I have been an active Certified Member of the association since 1997. In my own healing practice I support others to achieve their potential with holographic coaching in one to one sessions or in online groups. I also am the online coordinator for Ardis Ozborn where I enjoy making online classes happen. My vision is that as an entrained group with shared values we expand our RPA presence in the healing community through our collaboration and co-creation of unique opportunities for each practitioner to market their work without selling.

1 thought on “Let’s Welcome the New RPA President!”

  1. Welcome, Laura!
    And good luck! I loved reading about the fact you left the corporate environment and developed a full time RR practice, and on top of that, know your specialty. Cool example!
    Thank you for taking on this responsibility on our behalf,
    Carol Cannon

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