WELCOME MYRIAM DECH – Certified Practitioner – Houston, Texas

Congratulations on completing all the requirements for certification and for leading two sessions in our World Repatterning Summit–one in Spanish as well as one in English!

Please tell us about yourself, what you do for living and what is your background education?

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and was raised with two brothers and two sisters.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources.  I am married to my soul mate, a wonderful man named Jim, and I am currently in the process of developing my Resonance Repatterning business in Houston, Texas, where we live.

I was introduced into the alternative/holistic lifestyle early in my life.  Understanding and handling energy have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, my family and I used to talk and practice daily about the mudras, mantras, mind and body work self-help, chakras, and energy fields, etc.  We also took meditation courses and meditated together on a daily basis.

How did you learn about Resonance Repatterning?

When I discovered Holographic Repatterning, now Resonance Repatterning®, I was part of a volunteer group of Healing-With-Hands for 9 years. Every week we got together to perform the treatments, and one day my dear friend offered a free Resonance Repatterning session because she needed to practice it.  I went to receive this repatterning “thing” and fell in love with it at first sight!  During the session, I was receiving more energy and understanding, and my entire being wanted more!  At the end, I asked where I could learn more about it.  I did not have words to describe the energy vibrations I received through the process, but the immense potential that Resonance Repatterning could bring into my life and others was obvious.

As I already had an ongoing holistic practice in Guadalajara that included healing with hands, homeopathy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Bach Flowers, etc., I thought that adding Resonance Repatterning would enhance my capability in helping my clients.  After my introductory session, I attended the “Empower Myself” seminar in February 2006 to start my Resonance Repatterning career.

My regular clientele welcomed it immediately and got additional clients.

What does Resonance Repatterning mean to you?

Resonance Repatterning, to me, means an answer, a tool, and way to live my life.

Resonance Repatterning is a wonderful tool to help initiate change in ourselves.  It is a marvelous system that helps identify what you need to change and how to make the change in order to move forward and become the BEST OF YOURSELF.

Resonance Repatterning is helping me while my journey through life unfolds with my family, dogs (5), friends and everybody I meet.  It is a daily voyage of discovering myself, from my own ‘ogre-like’ traits to my love, compassion, joy, and appreciation of life.

What are some examples of sessions that stand out in your life?

The best example of a session is when I signed up for my first seminar with the founder of Resonance Repatterning.  Finally, I was going to meet Chloe Faith Wordsworth, and my heart was beating with joy for such an honor in my life.  The seminar was “New Vision” held in Mexico City with about 60 people attending.

During the “Movement for Life Repatterning” session, I acted as proxy for the entire group.  Even though I was shaking in my chair due to the circumstances, I received several shifts, insights, and learnings from the session that helped me literally start a new life.  I was in the process of moving from my home, city, country, continent, and all my local spiritual places.  The immense energy from the group was there for me as mine was there for them.

I moved to the Isle of Man and was married.  My life was almost turned upside-down, and I fully believe that the session and the positive energy from the group helped me handle those significant changes in my life.  The actions involved in the moving became a joyful journey of wonders.

There were many other sessions to support me on my life’s journey, but to move courageously towards my life over the ocean, that one I had with Chloe when I met her stands out as my best.

 You have accomplished a great deal since your introduction to Holographic Repatterning in 2005, becoming certified in both our RPA and our affiliate in Mexico in 2012, as well as writing out our interview questions in English. We applaud and look forward to your continuing contributions to the Association and, of course, your clients.

My website is: www.myriamdech.com

Interviewed by Nancy Martin


Author: nancybmartin

Thought Leader on Aging

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