About Us

The HRA Journal was established initially as a newsletter in 1994/5 but became an all out Glossy covered publication when Naneen Boyce took over as administrator in approximately the year 2000.  The web graphics team of Purple Fish Media (Andrew Adleman and Marilyn Hager) brought a new look and feel of professionalism to the publication.  From the beginning the journal has been a treasured membership benefit.

The next wave of change arrived in 2004/5 when the Association became defined as a trade association.  The Journal Title was tweaked to HRA Journal.  While note technically a professional journal of peer reviewed papers and research it is none the less a lot more than a newsy newsletter.

The journal offers an opporunity to publish articles on research, opinions and reports of how Resonance repatterning is applied, understood and expanded benefiting those who have studied and actively using this system.  It provides a way for the RR community to know one another professionally and share our knowledge base.

In the spring of 2008, a committee emerged to give energy to the the process of generating information articles for the journal.  The 5 Elements theory was employed to provide a writing structure and a call for papers is underway for the next 8 editions.  As with many of the committees of the association, the goals, mandate and action plans and now our writing is supported with regular group proxy repatterning sessions to improve the coherence of this publication, and bring joy to all those who bring it to fruition.

The committee is open to new members.  Interested individuals need only contact the committee via rpa@rpamembers.org



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