This topic couldn’t be more timely for me at this time in my life. While this is the last President letter I will write for the Journal, this stepping down opens the door for me in many ways. Not just professionally as leading this Association but in my personal life.

I have been on the RPA Board for 8 years, 3 of them serving as President. It’s time for a new era of consciousness for the Association. I have written often in these articles that there must be change at the leadership level in order for us to grow and bring in the gifts of co-creation with each other. We are peers supporting peers. I have served enthusiastically on the Board and wish to pass my enthusiasm on to the next set of leaders in this association. As I leave I look forward to continuing to serve on the CEU committee. And more importantly, I look forward to supporting our new Board and wait with anticipation of how they will lead us into the future.

We are making a huge mark on the planet by putting on the RPA Summit this year. We expect that this will be the first of many annual summits and events that continue to put Resonance Repatterning® on the map and become a household name. In many ways, the RPA is reinventing itself by this huge undertaking. We are breaking free of being small, quiet, and unrecognized. WE ARE READY for this undertaking! We ARE reinventing ourselves!

Commitment to leadership has many levels at the Association. Is it time for you to reinvent yourself and serve on any committee? At the February Board meeting, the Board approved to waive some in person CEU requirements. While CEU’s enhance skills that support our Resonance Repatterning practice, some attendance or commitment to obtain CEU’s is still required. Over a 2 year period, 32 CEU’s are required to maintain certification if you are a Certified Practitioner. The Board approved that for every 3 hours of volunteer service, 2 hours can be earned towards the CEU requirement (about 21 CEU’s over a 2 year period).

We hope that this new and exciting incentive will encourage anyone who may have the capacity to step up into a leadership role.

Is it time to reinvent yourself? Is it time to give to your Association as we move into the global arena? Move with us. Lead with us.

With love, gratitude, and appreciation to the RPA Board and all those who have volunteered countless hours over the years to bring the Association to where it is today.

Karen Kent,

RPA President 2013

250_KarenKent011Karen Kent is a Certified Resonance Repatterning® practitioner, Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant and Teacher, Certified Spiritual Restructuring Teacher, Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Masters of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has a full time practice in Hightstown, New Jersey.  Find out more about Karen and her work at her website:  Windsor Holistic Health

President Letter

A New Era of Consciousness

Why do people shy away from their own leadership qualities? What holds you back from from stepping into your power? How can you make a difference if you don’t step into your power? In order to have a change of consciousness we need to have new leadership. Leaders who are willing to commit to the RPA vision and mission. This is an ongoing action that must happen in order for this Association to succeed. Organizations have to change leadership. We cannot rely on the same leaders to lead. It’s healthy to have new perspectives from new leaders  to carry our message.

We can see how new leadership is emerging from the RPA Summit committee. So many fundamental items are in place that allow the Association to move into creative ways of operating. The Summit is a very good example of bringing Resonance Repatterning® into the global community.

In a few months, I will have been on the Board for 8 years. I have been part of many discussions and many changes that have been quite successful, and I am extremely proud of our current Board and each Board member that I have worked with over these years. In June I shared that I am resigning in February 2013 as President and will be leaving the Board. We have two other Board members leaving as well and need to find new  volunteers. Serving this Association has been truly a gift for me, and I have grown in many ways personally as well as in my business. For two years Chloe and I have had monthly phone calls to support each other, which I believe has helped both the Association and the Institute. I will miss these calls with her, but as a new President will assume the reigns, I expect these vital conversations and repatternings between the two leaders will continue.

Ask yourself, is it time for you to step into your power? The time is NOW for you to lead this Association. Come join the RPA Board and co-create with others our shared vision of ‘Inspiring Each Other and the World”.

Contact me if you are interested in volunteering on the Board or on any one of the committees at

We have openings on the Membership Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Annual Conference Committee, the Journal Committee and the Certification Board Committee. We need your support!

We make a living by what we get.

We make a life by what we give”

Sir Winston Churchill

 I look forward to hearing from you!


Karen Kent

President, RPA

Letter From President Karen Kent

Change from within. Isn’t that what Resonance Repatterning® is all about? Changing our own internal environment so that we may connect better with others? Change begins with you and we need you.

Here at the Association we have made amazing progress towards solidifying our identity and purpose. We are a growing membership organization and have anchored policies and recently revised the bylaws which provide the foundational footing for supporting each of us in the Association.

We are a growing organization, but it’s slow. We work around the globe, but we aren’t recognized. We have too few volunteers that value leadership in this organization. How do we change so that more of you are open to participating in this growing movement? Be on a committee or come be a leader at the Board level. It takes all of us to engage in order to sustain success.

This summer we will formulate a Nominating Committee by asking this committee to identify the next slate of Board members at the 2013 Annual Conference. Want to be the change in your organization? Be on this committee or step into leadership NOW!

Be the change on the Board and support yourself and each of the members of this Association.

Being the change begins from within. I gave the Board my resignation notice and I will leave the Board in February.  I will have been President of the RPA for almost three years by then and look forward to stepping out of leadership at the Board level to make way for new ideas, new energy, and new vision.

We look forward to having you participate and connect with others!



RPA Bylaws Vote coming in June 1st


 Beginning JUNE 1, 2012

The RPA  Board of Directors is pleased  to present a revised set of ByLaws for the Association. Voting will take place over a 3 week period in June. Be sure to be current with your dues so you can vote! Renew your membership by May 31st in order to be able to vote.

Voting Period: Opens June 1st and closes midnight Pacific Time on June22
Voting is online or by telephone.  Members in good standing will be notified on June 1st with voting information.

Questions? Contact Karen Kent, President, RPA or email

HOW and WHERE TO VOTE:  Voting is online or by phone.  .

Watch for emails coming soon for more information on this important opportunity for you as a member!

Thanks for your support,

Your RPA Board of Directors

Karen Kent, President

Don Giberson, Treasurer

Laura Frisbie, Secretary

Joie Jacobsen, Membership

Paula Caplan, Certification Board

Sally Herr, Journal

Marcus Padulchick, Bylaws

Gladys Murphy, Membership

Teleseminar with Chloe May 21st

RPA Continuing Education Committee Announces
May 21, 2012 Teleseminar with

 Chloe Faith Wordsworth

 An In-depth Presentation of her
New Process Guide (Rainbow Book)

 Join Chloe as she presents the new Process Guide–looking at each section in depth.  You will also receive information about two other newly revised books Primary Patterns and Transforming Unconscious Patterns in this seminar.  While purchasing the books is not a pre-requisite for this course, the course may help you decide whether or not to buy them.

And finally–Engage with Chloe, the Founder of Resonance Repatterning®, in a short repatterning from each section!

 Monday, May 21, 2012

4-6 pm EST

Cost: $75.00

CEU’s: 2

Register at: 


Registration Fee: $75.00